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A Look Back at our Adoption Successes

As we celebrate our many blessings and look forward to the New Year, we would like to share some of our 2013 successes

As of October 31, 2013, FOAC has successfully rescued and rehomed 205 dogs and cats. That exceeds the total number of adoptions in 2012 by 32 animals. And we still have 2 months to go! In addition to these typical adoptions, FOAC saw an historic increase in the number of animals needing some type of special assistance. We are very grateful to the Sonora Area Foundation for awarding FOAC a $5000 grant for medical and boarding fees, and to the ASPCA for granting us $5000 for spaying and neutering. As the need in our community continues to increase, the pressure for funds is greater than ever.

On June 11, 2013, The American Red Cross Capital Region Chapter (encompassing 11 Northern California counties), named FOAC Founder and President, Darlene Mathews, 2013’s Animal Rescue Hero. The Red Cross acknowledged 12 people who “have acted compassionately, courageously and heroically on behalf of others.” Darlene was recognized for working with seniors and for reducing the euthanasia rate of animals.

One of the ways Darlene helped people in our community was by coordinating with Meals on Wheels to determine if seniors needed assistance with their pets, or if they might be interested in adding a pet to their household. Most people understand that placing an animal in a new forever home saves an animal’s life, but many times the lives of seniors are measurably improved by the love, companionship, and responsibility offered by their pets. Such is the case with Dave, Carla, and Annie.


Dave and Carla indicated they would love a small dog, so FOAC stepped in and rescued Marigold from Animal Control. We had her spayed and vaccinated and delivered her to the couple. It was love at first sight for everyone. Dave and Carla renamed their new family member Annie. Carla sent FOAC the following note: “I wished for a small pet and God sent us Annie. She has been a blessing. Every day she keeps us laughing and we feel needed now! My husband and I want to thank Friends of the Animal Community for bringing Annie to us.”

In addition to our adoption successes in 2013, we would like to share several amazing stories about some of the animals we have helped.

Cat Trap

CatTrap– Feb 2013. This cat was found by Animal Control with its leg caught in a trap. Amputation was the most obvious remedy. However, despite his injury, CatTrap was incredibly loving, and he melted the hearts of all involved. So, Animal Control called FOAC to see if they could help. FOAC took the cat to Mono Way Vet for an examination.

Cat Trap underwent surgery, and luckily his paw was saved. Dr Casey Erickson at Mono Way Vet took a liking to this sweet boy and decided to adopt him. All vet bills for his care were generously donated by Mono Way Vet (a big thank you), thus allowing FOAC to use their funds helping other animals in need!

Fantasia –August, 2013. This puppy was dropped off at Animal Control with a serious issue in one of her rear legs. FOAC pulled her from Animal Control and took her to Twain Harte Vet for a diagnosis. Little Fannie needed femur surgery. FOAC sought funding and, thanks to the generosity of Paws For Love and Starfleet Canine Aid Foundation, Fannie had surgery in late August. Fannie is pictured below recovering in the arms of her new mom, and cuddled up with her new canine buddy. Had FOAC not stepped forward, Animal Control would have had no option but to euthanize Fannie.


Hemi – October 2013. Hemi, the Boston terrier, was facing euthanasia at Mono Way Vet after being left there by her owners. They said she was blind and incontinent. However she only had cataracts, a treatable problem. FOAC was contacted. Thanks to the generosity of our community, funds were raised for cataract surgery in both eyes, and surgery was performed at UC Davis in October. Now Hemi can see! And, it turns out she is already housebroken and ready to find her new forever home.

Picture below far left, Hemi before surgery; middle picture, recovering from surgery; picture on right, Hemi saying thank you to foster Dad Jeff for transporting her to and from UC Davis for her many appointments.


FOAC couldn’t help all of these loving pets without your support. Won’t you please take a moment to help FOAC provide more happy endings by sending in a donation today? Any amount would be greatly appreciated . We are an all-volunteer non-profit, so 100% of the money we receive helps the animals.

Remember, saving one animal does not change the world, but it will change the world of that one animal. Thank you for your support!

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