Friends of the Animal Community

Dedicated to improving the long-term welfare
of the shelter animals in our community.

A Big Thank You to the Sonora Area Foundation and The ASPCA!

A big thank you to the Sonora Area Foundation for their $5,000 grant to FOAC for the Medical and Boarding Fees for Rescued Animals in 2013. FOAC chose to use all the funds for boarding costs due to our larger than normal community relinquish rate, causing our boarding costs to multiply by 50%.  This grant allowed us to provide 384 days of boarding and temporary shelter for 30 dogs. 

Thank you Sonora Area Foundation!

A big thank you to the ASPCA for thier $5,000 grant to FOAC for the SNAPP program: Spay/Nueter and Protect Pets for 2013.  This grant allowed FOAC to spay and nueter 27 dogs.

Thank You ASPCA!