Friends of the Animal Community

Dedicated to improving the long-term welfare
of the shelter animals in our community.

Pupp Program *Our phenomenal PUPP Program (Prisoners Uniting People & Puppies) is literally changing INMATES as well as DOGS lives forever.

 Many of the men are serving life sentences.
They wanted to be part of the program because they felt
this was one way to actually give back to society. The PUPP
Program takes harder to place dogs, mostly due to breed
and obedience issues. There are two handlers per dog and
the program lasts 12 weeks. The men meet with a professional
trainer once a week and implement different skills,
leading to an AKC Certification upon graduation. We are
on our third successful round of graduates! This is extremely
bittersweet for everyone involved. These men absolutely
love these dogs and the dogs love them! One inmate has
been there over 40 years and hadn’t touched an animal in
all that time. The great news is that these dogs have found
forever homes!! Some of the employees at the prison have
adopted these amazing dogs. This has been a total WinWin.
Feedback we hear from officers and staff:
“The yards that have the dogs are much calmer.”
“Inmates in the program have a much higher comaradery
with other inmates.”
Prisoners Uniting People