Friends of the Animal Community

Dedicated to improving the long-term welfare
of the shelter animals in our community.

Walter wants to say thanks …


Walter has touched many hearts in his journey to continued wellness. He would like to give a big wet kiss and a very special thank you to the Amazing Molly!! And Doctor Luce!!   A heart felt Thank YOU to the following angels who cared enough to step up and make a difference in one very special life!  The surgery and care he needed would not have been possible without your help.  May good heath and happiness follow you and your loved ones now, 4-ever and beyond.

Walters Angels – You made a difference and touched a life!

Jill Mautino
Alyssa Dedmon
Anita Robbins
Candace Wilson
Lynette Sargent
Sue Chapman
Debbie Clark
The Avery Family
Jill Curtis
Jessica Wilson
Susan Fleitas
Nancy Kerney
Susan Tucker
Lana Kotwicki
Alfonso James
Judy Bar
Sandie Quinones
Carole Murphy

Jason Tucker

Dusty’s Den